Manager's Phone

Getting in touch with your Customers has never been easier.

9 out of 10 consumers globally want to message with business

If your business depends on a strong community, you can provide outstanding customer service with Manager’s Phone so that you can grow and nurture a strong customer base.


Either party can initiate a conversation. Customers text you directly from their preferred messaging app


We can handle one or many locations. Each location has a unique number and assigned Managers. As a multi-location owner you can see Customer interactions across them all or look at just one.


You are in control. Manager's Phone allows for custom configurations, like setting up quiet times when you don't want to receive messages.

We're in business for small business

We believe in the power of small business to create communities. We build and run solutions for non-enterprise companies who want to continue to provide excellent customer service.


Consumers Want Messaging

Percent of consumers that want to use messaging to communicate with Brands


Communication Channel

Consumers preferred communication channel is messaging


Product or Service Feedback

Percentage of users that are open to engaging in customer service communication via messaging

Support your customers they way they prefer!

Manager's Phone makes communication between businesses and customers simple. Studies have shown that consumers prefer to engage with businesses via SMS messaging. We at Manager's Phone believe that making consumer-to-business communication simple will help businesses provide higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Simple Pricing. One Amazing Product.

Standard Pro
Phone Number Yep Yep
Analytics Yep Yep
Awesome Support Yep Yep
Managers 5 20
Monthly Messages 1,000 100,000
Satisfied Customers You bet! You bet!
Price 49.99 199.99
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